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We're now fully licensed! Come and enjoy Japanese beer and sake with your meal.


What is Hiroshimayaki?

Our signature dish is the Hiroshimayaki - known as the "Soul Food" of Hiroshima. If you've ever been, you would have had it and if you've never been then now is the perfect time to try!

With layers of ingredients including a layer of fried noodles (or Udon if you prefer), the Hiroshimayaki is the lesser known "Okonomiyaki" but we're aiming to make it a specialty here in Sydney. The major difference between Osaka style and Hiroshima style - the ingredients are all mixed together in a batter in Osaka which makes their Okonomiyaki much more like a pancake. Our style has clear separation of ingredients in layers, making it a truly unique experience from the first bite.

Freshly Prepared Sushi & Sashimi

We also have all your other favourites including fresh sushi and sashimi prepared on order. Our signature rolls are great to share but we won't hold you back from having them all to yourself!

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